SUT-Parks-BannerAreford Community Park This park primarily services the communities of Areford, Jamison, Continental and the western portion of South Union Township. The Park offers one of the newest and modern playgrounds in Southwestern PA. The park includes tennis courts, 2 all-purpose baseball/soccer/football fields, concession stand, and a ½ mile walking/jogging course. One of the biggest attractions of the park is the popular annual Areford Neighborhood Block Party. This event is a good example of a close knit neighborhood joining together to have fun and enjoy one another.

SUT--TrailSouth Union Township Community Park Located in the Hutchinson Area, the 32 acre park provides the type of facility that encompasses large-scale activities such as little league and teener league baseball, and soccer leagues. Also at the facility are 2 concession stands,4 lighted baseball/softball fields, soccer field, basketball court, 7 pavilions, playground and a ¾ mile walking/jogging path.

SUT--PavilionsPavilions at Hutchinson Park are available for rent at $50.00 per day for South Union Township Residents and $100.00 per day for those living outside the Township. Three of the pavilions are available to rent: pavilion numbers 2, 3, and 4. Pavilion number 2 is the big pavilion located by the playground. Pavilion number 3 is the smaller pavilion located by the playground. Pavilion number 4 is located by the soccer field. Each pavilion has electricity and picnic tables.

Revere Park, Brownfield Park, MT. View Park and Leith Park These 4 small community parks serve the local neighborhoods in which they are located. At each park there is playground equipment for tots and young children, basketball courts, and open play space.