Youth Basketball

SUT  Basketball League Rules


-Players may not run in the gym while another game is being played.

-No loafing in the locker rooms or standing underneath the near hoop.

-There is an admission charge of $1 for adults.

-Coaches are responsible for his/her players’ conduct while in the gym.

-Any player, coach or fan found destroying township property, stealing or misbehaving, will be ejected from the premises and will not be permitted back in the facility.

-Any coach, fan, player or referee who physically assaults anyone will be permanently suspended from the league and will not be permitted in the Rec Center or on township property.


All coaches are required to play each player at least half a game, every game.  If a team has 11 or more players, each player should play a minimum of 8-9 minutes (approximately 4-5 per half) during that game.  Also, each player will start at least every other game, and every other half.  There is a minor adjustment for teams with 11 or more players.  If it is determined that a player is not receiving the appropriate playing time, the player’s coach will receive a warning to rectify this matter.  A further violation of this rule will result in the offending coach being suspended for 3 games.  A coach will be permanently suspended (from coaching or attending any games) for any further violation of this rule.   ALL PLAYERS MUST SIT OUT A MINIMUM OF 5 MINUTES PER GAME UNLESS THE TEAM HAS ONLY 5 PLAYERS.

An exception to the “player participation rule” pertains to attending practice.  Coaches should practice once a week.  If a coach has more than 1 practice per week, a player may not be penalized for not attending other practices.  If a player does not attend 1 practice per week, a coach should not penalize a player unless this becomes a habit (after 2 times).  In this case, (parents should be informed) a coach may use discretion and sit a player for the first half of the next game.  Please be fair and consistent with all players.  Do not have different playing time rules for lesser talented players.

If a coach has ongoing problems with a player and feels that a player should not play, the coach should inform Jason Scott.  Approval must be received before a coach may sit out a player.  The coach should also inform the player’s parents regarding this matter.

Any player receiving 1 technical foul will be immediately suspended from that game and for the next 2 games.  That player may sit on the bench if he/she behaves appropriately.  A player is suspended for the season after 2 technical fouls.

If there is no one to help coach during the game in which the technical foul took place, the offending coach may complete the game provided he/she behaves.

A suspended coach is not permitted in the gymnasium or on township property until his/her suspension has been served.  Any coach receiving a technical foul other than a procedural rules violation in a season will be forever suspended from the South Union Township Elementary Basketball League.

No one is to be admitted to any game while under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

The team listed first on the schedule is the visiting team.

The visitor’s bench is located closest to the scoreboard.

Players should not bring valuables to the gym.

No earrings (jewelry of any kind) or metal clips (hair) are permitted.

Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

In the event of inclement weather, please call the Rec Center (438-5480, 438-5647) or WMBS radio.


A team is permitted to have only 1 coach and 1 assistant coach.  Only those may sit on the bench.

Coaches are to remain seated except to cheer for a great play or to greet players coming to the bench.

No standing is permitted throughout the game by a coach.

Only designated coaches may sit on the bench.

Each team is permitted 2 time-outs per half and 1 for each OT.

There is a (lenient most times) 5 second rule for the 3rd & 4th grade league.

Officials will use discretion when calling steps and double dribble, especially for younger (and newer) players.

Any player caught swearing or using inappropriate language by a referee will be ejected immediately and serve a 2 game suspension.

Overtime will consist of a 2 minute period and a shootout may be used in the 3rd and 4th grade league after 3 OT’s.

A team may use any 5 players (unless he/she fouled out) in the shootout.  If a team only has less than 5 legal players, the opposing team may select an equal number of shooters in the 3rd and 4th grade league.

If teams are tied at the end of the regular season, a flip of the coin will be used to break the tie.  If the tie cannot be broken, a coin flip will determine the higher seed for the playoffs.


As a reminder, it is required by the South Union Township Recreation Department that during games all spectators must watch the games in the upstairs bleacher area.  Only those who are handicapped will be permitted to watch the games at court level and at the designated handicapped spectator area.  The referee will not start the game until all spectators are seated in the upstairs balcony.  There are no exceptions to this requirement.

A Review Board may be selected to address any situations that may arise during the season, which may or may not be covered under any written rule.

Please refer to the handout for pressing rules.

League officials retain the right to make final decisions regarding any matters concerning the league.

Your constructive comments and input are always appreciated.

Please try to encourage your players in a positive manner.

Let’s have a great year by offering all players a positive experience.

Sportsmanship Message

-Respect your teammates, opposing players, your coaches, opposing coaches, the referees, scorekeepers and fans.

-All jewelry off and shirts tucked in.

-Coaches need to act like good role models.

-Shake hands…..good luck…..have fun.